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Home inspection in Costa Rica

In Costa Rica it is not very common to inspect a house before the sale. But in the United States as in other parts of the world it is very common to have a home inspection with a certified professional. Your offer was accepted and you are officially on deposit! Now what? Carrying out inspections is a very important next step in checking for any issues with the home and helping you determine the condition of your home.

General Home Inspection: The home inspector will typically spend 2-3 hours checking all of the home’s systems, such as the electrical system, water heater, roof, plumbing, etc. The inspector will send you a multi-page report after the inspection detailing their findings on each room and area of ​​the home.

It is likely that most houses in Costa Rica have a piped electrical system. The inspector will verify if the entire electrical system is piped. Perhaps there is some part of the house due to some remodeling or extension that the electrical cables have not been piped. Check and correct before inspection.

The inspector will go to the roof to check for broken shingles, leaks, gutter backing, overall soundness, required maintenance, and life expectancy. A solid roof may only need a few minor repairs.

Depending on the location of the home, a septic system inspection may need to be scheduled. Most houses in Costa Rica have a septic tank system. The inspector will check the sewer lines and make sure there is no root intrusion and that it is properly . This inspector will check the sewage levels, make sure the water is flowing freely through the system.

Once you receive all of your inspection reports, be sure to review them thoroughly and discuss with your real estate agent whether you will be requesting a purchase price reduction, credit for repairs, fixing certain repairs, or canceling your security deposit. The seller may accept or counter your purchase offer.

Whether the buyer requests an inspection of your home or wants to buy “as is” or not. The best thing is to give the maintenance to your house and present it in the best conditions. Not only inspection or if an expert from the bank makes an expert opinion to obtain a credit for the purchase. Random whatever the case, always present your house in the best conditions.

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