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How to choose a real estate agent in costa rica?

The Costa Rica real estate market is a complex market with many different aspects of real estate. If you are going to buy in Costa Rica as an investment, you had better choose to work with a professional real estate agent from an experienced real estate agency and registered with the CCCBR (Cámara de Corredores de Bienes Raices de Costa Rica )
The Cámara de Corredores de Bienes Raices de Costa Rica certifies all of its members. In addition, international franchises such as RE / MAX train their agents periodically. International franchises have a certified and licensed brokers in the United States. But, what is the difference between a real estate agent, an ordinary person who offers to sell a house?

In a nutshell, a professional real estate agent in Costa Rica will have taken all the necessary real estate classes and will have passed the real estate exam of the Cámara de Corredores de Bienes Raices de Costa Rica and also they will be registered with all the institutions governmental. A real estate agent who has joined an international franchise such as RE/MAX, by joining these real estate companies and the CCCBR, the Costa Rica real estate agent promises to abide by the code of ethics and standards of that association.

Tips for Finding the Right Real Estate Agent in Costa Rica:

To begin with, you have to look at the experience and reputation of the real estate agent. Keep in mind that the more experienced the Costa Rica realtor, the greater the chance that they can provide quality services.

There are some twists and turns that can come up in the process of making an investment, and you need to make sure that the real estate agent you select is capable of handling the situation in a logical and rewarding way.

Designations are important when hiring a real estate agent and for this reason it is also important to ensure that the Costa Rica realtor has credible certifications.

Being a member of the Costa Rica CCCBR board is not a requirement, but it does mean that the Costa Rica real estate agent is aware of the most up-to-date articles concerning the local market.

Most of the successful real estate agents working in Costa Rica are absolutely full time. They live and breathe real estate, and have intimate knowledge of the market from street to street.

Although you can choose a Costa Rica real estate agent to work with only based on their credentials, if you are working with a prestigious and nationally and internationally renowned real estate agency, you are guaranteed the quality of services and agents that represents it.

An advantage of working with a real estate agency is that they usually focus only on the local area and may have more information about the Costa Rican market. Agencies are also more demanding of the real estate agents they choose to join them.

The biggest advantages of working with an international real estate franchise like RE/MAX among others is that they offer their agents much more training beyond their initial education. A professional real estate agent has resources to help market properties, as well as a larger network where agents can work with each other to help search for your dream property in Costa Rica

In the end, if you want to invest in Costa Rica and buy a home , work with a reputable Costa Rica real estate agent , certified as such, then you are in the best position to find the right real estate or home investment in Costa Rica. Just be sure to take your time before choosing who you’ll work with and do your research.



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