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Real Estate

 Capital Gain Tax in Costa Rica

Capital gain is a crucial concept in the world of investments and real estate. In Costa Rica, as in many other countries, this gain is subject to taxes. But what does this really mean? How does it affect property owners and investors? In this article, we will explore in detail the capital gain tax in […]

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Municipal Taxes in Costa Rica for Properties:

Municipal taxes in Costa Rica play an essential role in financing public services, improving infrastructure and promoting economic and social development. This knowledge is crucial before considering real estate investments in the country. Real Estate Tax (IBI): The IBI, one of the most prominent municipal taxes in Costa Rica, taxes the ownership of real estate […]

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Costa Rica

Costa Rica: The Paradise for Digital Nomads

Costa Rica emerges as a paradise for digital nomads due to a unique combination of natural charm, modern conveniences, and legal facilities for those seeking a flexible and connected lifestyle. The global recognition of Costa Rica as a privileged destination for digital nomads is reflected in numerous lists, including acknowledgments from prestigious media like The […]

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My Home

Types of Manufactured Homes in Costa Rica

If you are considering a move to beautiful Costa Rica and are interested in an affordable housing option, manufactured homes may be the perfect choice for you. Manufactured homes, or “prefabs” as they are often called, offer exceptional value, with prices that are often much lower than traditionally built homes. Variety and Flexibility in the […]

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