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Costa Rica a dream destination to live abroad

Costa Rica is a tropical paradise that has captured the attention of many, being one of the best countries to live abroad. With approximately 10% of its population made up of foreign residents, immigrants and expatriates, the country has earned a reputation as an ideal destination for those seeking a fulfilling and fulfilling life.
The decision to choose Costa Rica as a home is based on a combination of attractive factors. From the cost of living to the friendliness of its people and the enviable climate, there are many reasons that make Costa Rica so special.

1. Sustainable Happiness:

Costa Rica has been ranked first in the Happy Planet Index on multiple occasions. Happiness in this country is defined as sustainable well-being for all, and this is reflected in the strong social networks, investment in health and education, and the deep connection with nature that Costa Ricans enjoy.

2. Longevity:

The northwestern region of Costa Rica, especially along the Nicoya Peninsula, is known as the “Island of Longevity”. Here, people live longer compared to other parts of the world, being one of the few Blue Zones on the planet.

3. Pleasant Weather:

The weather in Costa Rica is almost perfect. With temperatures hovering in the 70s (~24ºC), 80 (~28ºC) or 90 degrees (~33ºC) all year round, and a “winter” characterized by an increase in daily rains, enjoying the sun is a constant. In the Central Valley, the mild climate and stunning natural landscapes attract residents and tourists alike.

4. Costa Rican Friendliness:

Authentic friendliness and the famous phrase “Pura Vida” of Costa Ricans create a welcoming environment for those seeking a warm and supportive community. With random acts of kindness making a difference in everyday life, Costa Ricans are known for their willingness to help and make foreigners feel welcome.

5. Quality Medical Care:

Costa Rica offers a well-developed healthcare system with both public and private options. Preventive and emergency medical care from the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) contributes to the country’s high life expectancy. In addition, the private system provides personalized attention and English-language options, both at relatively affordable prices.

6. Clear Process for Residency:

Obtaining legal residency in Costa Rica is a clear and well-established process. With four common paths for expatriates and immigrants, including investment residences, pensioners and rentiers, the benefits of residence range from ease in daily life to access to health services and work options.

7. Focus on Happiness Beyond Money:

Costa Rica demonstrates that happiness and satisfaction are not limited to economic factors. Although its GDP per capita is lower than in other wealthier countries, its focus on quality of life, connection to nature and the community, as well as the responsible use of money, make Costa Rica an exceptional place to live.

If you are looking for reasons to choose Costa Rica as your home abroad, here you will find endless opportunities to live a full and satisfying life. Whether you are attracted by its natural beauty, the friendliness of its people, or the access to quality medical services, Costa Rica has a lot to offer. We invite you to explore the wonders of this tropical country and discover why so many consider it one of the best places to live abroad!


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