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8 Tips to choose the ideal home


Have you ever felt that a place is your place?

It happened to me when I first came to Costa Rica. It was like a shot to the heart. I knew that this was my place and that here I want to have my new home. The search for a New Home is exhausting, it takes time and my recommendation is to have the help of a Realtor to guide you and help you through the search for your House, your Home. I speak not only as a Realtor but also as a foreigner moving to a new country, who had to experience the same as you are going to live to find your new home here in Costa Rica. Today there are many availabilities of tools and online sales platforms that make it easier for you to search for property and when you work with a local real estate agent, not only does it make the process easier, but they also know the area.

Where do you want to live in Costa Rica?

I always advise my clients not to make a presided decision. Take your time to analyze in which area you would like to live. Costa Rica has microclimates that make this country rich in flora and fauna. Costa Rica is one of the 25 most biodiverse countries on the planet. With only 51,100 km² of surface, in this small territory, more than 500,000 species live, which represents 6 percent of the world’s biodiversity. It is estimated that it is the country with the highest number of species per unit area, with 1.8 species per km². Costa Rica’s biodiversity can be attributed to the variety of ecosystems within the country. Rain forests, deciduous forests, Atlantic and Pacific coastline, cloud forests, and mangroves are represented throughout the 19,730 square miles of Costa Rica’s land mass.  The ecological regions are twelve climatic zones. This variation provides numerous niches that are filled with a diversity of species. Now I ask you, where do you want to live in Costa Rica?


8 Tips to choose the ideal house for you and your family.

  1. Determine your priorities.

Make a list of everything you really need from a new home. What do you need? What is important but not fundamental? What is fundamental and indispensable for you? For example, certain services, security, perhaps a swimming pool or the types of schools you want for your children. This will help you prioritize and make a conscious and appropriate decision based on what you or your family needs

  1. Set your budget

Before you start looking at possible options. Be clear about the approximate budget with which you are comfortable and willing to spend. Also, consider a margin of this amount for additional costs, such as expenses, and let your real estate agent know so that the search for your new home is more precise and assertive.

  1. Select the area and location

Consider the location of your new home. Do you want to live in the countryside or near the city? What do you and your family need?

  1. What type of property do you like?

You want a completely new home or previously used spaces. Are you ready to remodel and give your personal touch to the property or do you want a house ready to move in with everything and furniture?

  1. Hire a professional inspector and surveyor

There are aspects that maybe you don’t see it. For this reason, it is always recommended to hire a professional in the area who oversees reviewing the property and a surveyor who verifies the boundaries.

  1. Size and distribution

Make sure that the size of the house is adequate for the number of people who are going to move in with you, and is the number of rooms, bathrooms, or common spaces what they really require? It also analyzes the opportunities to acquire a smaller house, but with the possibility of expanding some space in the future.

  1. Orientation of the house

Orientation of the house will be directly related to brightness and energy consumption, so it is important to take it into account when analyzing your options and making a decision. The season of the year and the orientation are what will define how much natural light enters the home and therefore, its air conditioning.

  1. Gated or residential community

Where you want to live, in a gated or residential community. Do you want to live in a community of compatriots or with local people? Are you open to paying a community fee or do you prefer to be completely independent?

Some of these tips may seem obvious, but they will be important to consider when deciding like this. Remember to assess your priorities and needs to choose the best option and, above all, ask yourself if you imagine living in this new home here in Costa Rica. And if you want to buy a property in Costa Rica, please contact me for a free consultation


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