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Why is vacation rentals a good business in Costa Rica?

Many expats own the vacation home business here and have been very successful in doing just that. For example, Atenas is one of the area’s most sought after by travelers due to its proximity to the Juan Santa María airport and also  the beautiful views that can be enjoyed in the area. Other places that are highly sought after to stay are Jacó beach, Tamarindo beach and Manuel Antonio, among others.


Thinking of moving to Costa Rica and starting an Airbnb business?

According to bloomberglinea, guests who booked through Airbnb 2022 in Costa Rica spent US$493 million, not including accommodation, which accounted for 18.9% of all tourist activity in the country. In 2020, guests on the digital accommodation platform Airbnb made $277 million in profits in Costa Rica.

This figure is the result of adding the expenses made by users of the platform in restaurants, supermarkets, entertainment activities and transportation in various areas of the country and said activity continues to increase.

In Costa Rica, the total number of homes available for rent through the Airbnb web platform is already equivalent to 18% of the hotel supply in the country, according to the hoteliers union. Airbnb offers more than 11,000 accommodations in Costa Rica.

Why is vacation rentals a good business in Costa Rica?

What advice would you give to someone considering starting a vacation rental business in Costa Rica?

  1. Promote your property on various channels

The more you promote yourself, the more visible you will be. For example, there are platforms like Airbnb that allow you to synchronize calendars on different platforms, facilitating the process. If you yourself, you will manage your platform and serve your own customers. It will allow you not only to generate income, but also to connect with many travelers from all over the world, strengthen ties of friendship and believe me, it is a very enriching experience.

  1. Generate Experiences

Suppose you have already found the perfect place for your vacation accommodation. Make your establishment something unique and stand out from the rest. Have a guide of the places that your guests can visit and take your guests’ opinions seriously and the experience you give them will go from great to incredible and unforgettable. How? Especially with the feedback that your guests give you. Reinvest in your business, that excellence is your motto and it is essential to be a superhost to have the property clean, in good condition and kept up to date. Remember that your guests always traveled thousands of kilometers to get to know Costa Rica and chose your property to enjoy and rest.

  1. Facilitate the booking process and payment

Platforms like Airbnb, VRBO make it easy for you not only the reservation process but also the payment process. But example Booking has a different operation than the other platforms. I advise you to do your research first before listing your property on the platform.

Also remember that clear and fast communication will facilitate the reservation and payment process. Offer several example payment methods such as PayPal for guests to pay you easily and safely.

  1. Offer clear and up-to-date information

 Be clear, honest, and continually update your information if you have to. And the same for your photographs and do not try to cheat in the end they will see it because if you made any changes or lied and it could affect your performance on the platforms. Even if it is a small change, for example that you have changed the sofa, you must update it in your description and photographs. Try to be active and provide clear and updated information.

  1. Automate processes

Time is money, which is why it is so important to make repetitive and cumbersome business processes automatic. Thus, that time you earn can be used to improve the management of your business, the guest experience, etc. What can make life easier for a vacation rental owner and save time? Offer autoresponders, the option of “instant booking”, install smart locks, hire a tourist rental cleaning company and get a channel manager, among other things.

If you think like a guest you will know their needs and the things they like. And if you are looking to invest in that UNIQUE place here in Costa Rica, let me know.

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