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Why Costa Rica?

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Why Costa Rica?
Why Costa Rica… the nature, the peace it feels to live here. And it is true, wherever you go you will be surprised by this country. Valleys, mountains, rivers, volcanoes, beaches, and an eternal green that makes your heart vibrate. Small in size of the country, but big in biodiversity.

A country without armies, where a mother will not cry for her son in  the war. And the greatest treasure that this country has is the “Tico”. Real, happy, educated, kind, gentle, humble, and big-hearted people. Do not be surprised without knowing you, they smile at you, that without knowing who you are, they will help you a hand.


I will never forget the words of my friend Vivi “this country turns more slowly. I came from a big city where everyone runs, from a big metropolis where nobody knows each other, and arriving here was like welcome home, welcome to Costa Rica”

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