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Welcome to San Ramon

San Ramón de Alajuela is a predominantly agricultural region due to its fertile soil and climate conducive to agriculture. The city of San Ramon has ideal infrastructure for growth and development. Excellent health services, education and commercial development, which has generated an attraction for residents and companies. This has contributed to an increase in housing construction, the opening of local businesses and a growth in population.
The city of San Ramón is in a strategic location between the capital, San José, and the coastal area of Costa Rica. This geographical position and its accessibility to the Pacific Ocean coast, the beautiful region of San Carlos and the proximity to the capital San Jose. Attracted to people looking for a quieter lifestyle but with access to services.
San Ramón’s diverse topography, which includes beautiful valleys and hills, with diverse microclimates that allow you to enjoy biodiversity. In the hills of San Ramon you can enjoy cool, cloudy and pleasant weather. In the valleys you can enjoy beautiful sunny days with cool nights.
San Ramon is known as “the city of poets” due to its rich literary tradition and the legacy of several renowned poets who were born or lived in this region of Costa Rica. The city has been the birthplace of important literary figures in the history of the country, which has contributed to earning this designation.
The combination of its natural surroundings, its tranquil atmosphere and its literary legacy has led San Ramón to be affectionately known as “the city of poets.


  • Proximity to cloud forest and hiking trails
  • Easy access to public and private services – education, health and shopping and gastronomic area
  • Home to beautiful residential communities


San Ramón exudes a warm and welcoming atmosphere. This suburban city is home to picturesque views of expansive forests that hug the clouds in the mountains. Locals appreciate the proximity to amenities and the accessibility to beautiful forest parks and recreational sites. When residents are not enjoying the nature around them, they can often be found enjoying delicious cuisine at local restaurants, shopping, and visiting popular attractions.


San Ramon is also home to some diverse restaurants for all tastes and palates. Many residents frequent Santa Pecado, a charming restaurant where menus alternate specialties, showcasing seasonal local produce. A selection of beers and cocktails created by the professional team.
El Establo, is home to some of the best cuts of meat.
Los Barriles, with seats overlooking San Ramon Park with a fusion-style menu, is the perfect place to spend the afternoon.
Enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, La Cafeteria Aromas. Extensive breakfast menu, sweet and savory pastries.
The atmosphere is friendly and locals can also visit Soda Chaparral or El Jardin to enjoy local cuisine.
One of the main reasons to visit San Ramon is the food, which includes some of the Nazca Peruvian food restaurants and with reservation enjoy Thai cuisine at Savory A La Thai. The environment is friendly and natural, you can visit Vida Mountain Resort and Spa


San Ramón de Alajuela, located in Costa Rica, is a charming city surrounded by lush nature and rich culture. From its center surrounded by beautiful artistic graffiti and a growing city. In its surroundings it has attractive activities to enjoy: Regional Museum of San Ramón, This museum serves as a window to the historical and cultural past of the region. It showcases artifacts and documents that narrate the evolution of San Ramón over time, offering a fascinating insight into its heritage. Vida de Colores Costa Rica Butterfly Farm: Immerse yourself in the colorful and charming world of butterflies at this farm. Here, you can closely observe and learn about these fascinating creatures while enjoying the lush vegetation that surrounds them. Las Musas :Dive into crystal-clear and refreshing waters at this spa, a perfect place to relax and enjoy the natural surroundings while cooling off in its pools. Nectandra Cloud Forest Reserve and Kindred Spirit Cloud Forest: These reserves offer a unique experience in Costa Rica’s cloud forests. Explore trails surrounded by lush vegetation and discover the rich biodiversity of flora and fauna inhabiting these particular ecosystems. Alberto Manuel Brenes Park: This park is a natural gem housing a variety of trails perfect for hiking, birdwatching, and encountering wildlife up close. It’s a paradise for nature lovers. Madre Verde Nature Reserve: Another reserve that offers an unforgettable experience in nature. The trails here lead you through forests, waterfalls, and a great diversity of plants and animals. José Figueres Ferrer Municipal Forest: A green space in honor of the same historical figure. This forest offers areas to relax, walk, and enjoy nature in a serene and tranquil environment. San Luis Adventure Park:An ideal destination for adrenaline enthusiasts. This park offers exciting activities such as ziplining, hanging bridges, and trails to explore amid nature. Piedra La Zopilota Viewpoint: Climb up to this viewpoint to enjoy breathtaking views of the surroundings of San Ramón. It’s a perfect spot to appreciate the panoramic beauty of the region places. Kindred Spirit Cloud Forest Trails of Heroes, Finca San Gerardo , Bosque Nuboso el Cocora ,  Capilla Ambar – FEF, El Silencio de Los Angeles Cloud Forest Reserve , ant others. These are a snapshot of multiple places that you can visit in the canton of San Ramon. From eating ice cream with green mango with salt in San Ramon Park, to eating at the city’s municipal market. San Ramón de Alajuela is a treasure that combines the cultural, historical, and natural essence of Costa Rica in one place


There are multiple options of public and private institutions of the national education system of Costa Rica.

Offered in San Ramon  :

  1. Centro Bilingüe Pequeños Poetas
  2. Colegio Bilingüe de San Ramón
  3. Colegio Patriarca San José
  4. Colegio Superior Julio Acosta Garcia
  5. Escuela de Enseñanza Especial
  6. Escuela Federico Salas Carvajal
  7. George Washington School
  8. Instituto Jiménez
  9. Liceo Experimental Bilingüe de San Ramón
  10.  Liceo Julián Volio Llorente
  11. Liceo Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles
  12. San Ramon Middle School
  13. School Abraham Paniagua
  14. Scientific College of Costa Rica
  15. St. Johns Christian School
  16. Universidad de San José
  17. Universidad Autónoma de Centroamérica | Sede de Occidente
  18. UCCArt – Sede San Ramón
  19. Universidad de Costa Rica (Sede de Occidente)
  20. Universidad San Marcos
  21. UACA

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