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Welcome to Naranjo

Where the mountainous terrain is surrounded by a green and natural environment.

Naranjo is a predominantly agricultural region, surrounded by mountains, beautiful coffee plantations, and impressive views. Naranjo is a city of continuous growth, prospering, and development, forming a close-knit community and deep-rooted Costa Rican traditions. Some of the larger properties are tucked away behind vast green landscapes. Many of the villas here are situated on high peaks with panoramic views. The region has one of the lowest population densities, with just over 17,348 inhabitants.
Naranjo is known for its rich cultural heritage, beautiful landscapes, and as a center of agriculture and commerce.


  • Natural beauty surrounded by beautiful landscapes.
  • Family-oriented community.
  • Nice and pleasant climate throughout the year.
  • A perfect city for lovers of high-quality coffee.


Naranjo is a small city of agricultural origin, with great workers and lovers of the land where they live. The environment is calm with some beautiful traditional-style houses from the “Golden” coffee era. Impressive views of the valley and mountains that accompany this beautiful city. The charming “downtown” of the city, is home to restaurants, cafes, and boutiques. Residents develop a strong sense of community and attachment to traditions as a result of frequent neighborhood-sponsored activities. This community attracts buyers with its natural beauty and the higher parts of the city are cooler. The friendly and welcoming people, the security, and the quiet lifestyle are some of the reasons why many people decide to live in Naranjo.


You can enjoy a delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even delicious ice cream sitting in the park as a resident here.Pizzeria Pomodoro E Mozzarella is excellent homemade pizza with fresh ingredients, with a varied menu from meat, seafood, and pasta to the classic Italian style.

There are also some local places that residents frequently visit and enjoy. One of these popular places is Tio Charly, a place where unique experiences with friends and family become one of the most enjoyable restaurants in the Naranjo area. Las Delicias Del Patio is one of the most visited restaurants for a variety of products, quality, and family environment.
This city with its coffee heart, houses more than multiple retail stores, especially if you visit the central market you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables.
If you are looking for a hardware store that provides you with excellent service and supplies superior products, Ferreteria ELKY. There is also SuperCoopro Central de Coopronaranjo, which is considered one of the best supermarkets in Naranjo and belongs to the Naranjo coffee growers cooperative founded in 1968.


Fish your own trout or tilapia and enjoy a familiar and natural environment. In Trout and Tilapia Fishing Los Arroyos, savor fresh products surrounded by the beautiful vegetation of the canton.
Enjoy a horseback ride in the open air at Rancho Amalia. Guided horseback riding inside a beautiful farm. Crops, primary and secondary forests, streams,s and beautiful views of the region.
Visit the El Chayote Protected Zone, it is located between two wilderness areas; the Juan Castro Blanco National Water Park and the Poás Volcano National Park. It has an area of 841 hectares located between the Alfaro Ruiz and Naranjo cantons.
The Cerro del Espíritu Santo or Espíritu Santo volcano is a volcanic cone in the Central Valley, with a height of 1,363 meters above sea level, it is one of the 10 highest mountains within the province. The crater is located to the northwest of the summit. The locals go up in a 4×4 and have a family picnic and enjoy the incredible views that the area offers.
Espiritu Santo Coffee Tour is an ideal option to visit with the family and learn everything about coffee, from its plantation and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee.
Ciencia del Sabor is an experience, especially for coffee lovers who want to learn about the production process of this drink, where they can visit the coffee plantations, observe the harvest and taste one of the best coffee in Costa Rica.


Naranjo Bilingual Educational Center – CENABI

Remember to evaluate your priorities and needs to choose the best option and, above all, ask yourself where you want to live in Costa Rica and what benefits and facilities the area offers to retire in Costa Rica. And if you want to know more about the areas in Costa Rica, about relocating and buying a property here in Costa Rica and the beautiful city of Naranjo. Contact me for a free consultation.

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