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Some of the Traditions in Costa Rica

As a  local real estate expert in Costa Rica, today I want to talk to you about the traditions in this beautiful country… Costa Rica !!!

Costa Rica is a country with a rich culture and unique traditions, which have been kept alive throughout the years.

  • Food: Costa Rican gastronomy is very varied and delicious. Among the most popular dishes are gallo pinto (rice and beans), casado (rice, beans, plantains, salad, and meat), and tamales (corn dough stuffed with meat, rice, vegetables, and spices). The chorreadas , the agua dulce, the tortilla with curd, the olla de carne ( Meat soup with vegetables) , chifrijo, the famous empanadas, picadillos and you can’t miss the chorreado coffee .
  • Music: Music is an important part of Costa Rican culture. We are a joyful culture, full of vitality and color. We love music, dancing, and enjoying ourselves with the family. Folk music is very popular and is played on traditional instruments such as the guitarrón, the marimba, and the quijada (donkey jaw).
  • Art: Costa Rican artisans are famous for their skill in creating unique and beautiful crafts. Among the most popular handicrafts are the hand-painted carts from the Sarchi area, gold and silver jewelry, and wooden Borucas masks.
  • Coffee: Coffee is an important part of the economy and culture of this beautiful country of Costa Rica. The country is famous for its high-quality coffee and no matter which area you visit, you will always be greeted here with good coffee and a smile.

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