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Welcome to Grecia

Welcome to Grecia


Grecia is a picturesque community surrounded by large sugarcane fields and coffee plantations. Grecia is a town located in the province of Alajuela, in the northwestern region of Costa Rica. It is known for its charming streets lined with colorful houses, as well as its beautiful neo-Gothic metal church, which is a popular tourist attraction. The town is in the Central Valley region of Costa Rica, which is known for its beautiful landscapes and pleasant climate. When you travel exploring Grecia you will be amazed by the landscapes that unfold across rolling fields, and beautiful views of the mountains, and the Central Valley.

Grecia is a city in Costa Rica that has stood out for its cleanliness and organization. In 1998, it was named the cleanest city in Central America and has maintained that reputation to this day. The people of Grecia take great pride in their city and work together to keep it clean and attractive.

Grecia was founded in 1867 and is divided into 7 districts. In 2011 the population was 76,898 inhabitants, of which 9.1% were born abroad. Grecia is a very attractive city to live in, both for nationals and foreigners because it has a wide variety of services and excellent residential and commercial options, which makes it an attractive place. The community also embraces the future with its new developments and within these, the quiet and private gated communities stand out.



  •  Proximity to parks, hiking trails, and mountain biking
  • Home to modern residential communities
  • Natural landscape surrounded by fields and green hills
  •  Pleasant climate throughout the year


Grecia is a comfortable and developing city with a warm, relaxed, and welcoming atmosphere. Surrounded by stunning natural landscapes and forest reserves, it offers ample opportunities for its residents to get out and enjoy nature. Its quiet aura only adds to the beauty of the area, where families, young professionals, and retirees enjoy the ultimate in suburban serenity. The locals appreciate the location of their community, since the commercial vivacity, the proximity to the Juan Santamaria International Airport and to the main cities of Costa Rica (Alajuela, Heredia, and San Jose) are just a short and comfortable daily trip, without having to sacrifice your quiet and private lifestyle.



Grecia is home to some of the best dining, and outdoor entertainment venues in the Western region. This includes restaurants such as Los Barriles, which offers a fusion of typical and international flavors, and Los Jardines Vivero y Café, whose popular cafeteria is surrounded by beautiful flowers and ornamental plants to create a beautiful calm and relaxed environment to enjoy with the family. If you want to enjoy a good coffee ” Chorreado ” and a good ” Gallo “ Tortillería Gre-K . During a quiet lunch on a weekday Sal Y Pimienta, a weekend, or an evening you can savor their international cuisine Casa Nosstra and Casa San Miguel. And if you are looking for something quick to eat, the famous “Taqueria Pira” that was founded since 1981.

Combine the craft beer to the variety of options that Grecia offers you, Beer Designers Brewing Co, whose flavor and variety of drinks will surprise you.

The Municipality of Grecia is a very active municipality and always has an entertainment list packed with live musical performances and fun events. After enjoying Grecias food scene, experience shopping at one of the most iconic stores in Grecia, Tienda Raúl Vega, it is the largest Department store in Grecia since 1941. Grecia boasts numerous rows of boutiques and shops.


Grecia has a wealth of things to do and see that are sure to win the hearts of visitors and residents alike. Tourists and locals come to “Los Chorros de Grecia”. Los Chorros de Grecia “  are a popular tourist attraction in the city of Grecia. Los Chorros de Grecia is made up of five waterfalls of different sizes and heights that fall into a natural pool of crystal-clear water. It is a very beautiful and quiet place where you can hike, picnic, BBQ, or simply swim or take photos and enjoy the scenery.

Known as the “Metal Church” it is the “Jewel in the Crown” of Grecia. The Nuestra Señora de Las Mercedes Catholic Temple is located in the central park of Grecia. The church is neo-Gothic in style and was built in 1908, built entirely of iron It is a national monument of the country, and it has an impressive façade and an elaborate interior with a great amount of artistic and architectural details.

The Forest Reserve : Forest Reserve Grecia (Bosque del Niño) is located on the slopes of the Poás Volcano, approximately 14 kilometers north of the city of Grecia, specifically in the San Isidro district. It is a nature reserve of more than 2,611 hectares, which is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. The Reserve is of great importance for the conservation of water resources for the entire region. Here you can go hiking and bird watching.

Regional Historical Museum of Grecia houses a collection of art pieces by local artists, history, and culture of Grecia and Costa Rica. Regional Historical Museum of Grecia together with the Municipality of Grecia offers craft fairs, art workshops, shows, and more.

Lovers of fresh agricultural products, the Farmer’s Fair and the Municipal Market of Grecia offer you a variety of fruits, vegetables, and a variety of regional products. One of the favorites of the locals is going to have breakfast in the small restaurants called “Sodas”, where they offer delicious traditional Costa Rican dishes.


There are multiple options for public and private institutions in the national educational system of Costa Rica

Offered in Grecia – private :

Remember to evaluate your priorities and needs to choose the best option and, above all, ask yourself where you want to live in Costa Rica and what benefits and facilities the area offers to retire in Costa Rica. And if you want to know more about the areas in Costa Rica, about relocating and buying a property here in Costa Rica and the beautiful city of Grecia. Contact me for a free consultation.

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