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Costa Rica

Exploring Residential Paradises in Costa Rica

Costa Rica, known for its natural beauty and biodiversity, offers a range of options for those looking for more than a property: they are looking for a residential paradise. In this exploration, immerse yourself in Costa Rican areas noted for their exotic beaches and serene mountains, and discover local communities that offer an exceptional quality of life.

Exotic Beaches:

Imagine waking up every day to the sound of waves and ocean breezes. Costa Rica’s beaches offer a unique variety, from the white sands of Manuel Antonio to the black ones in Puerto Viejo. Explore the opportunities of living steps from the ocean, where each sunrise becomes a unique experience.

Manuel Antonio:

Located on the Pacific coast, Manuel Antonio combines pristine beaches with tropical jungle. Properties here offer panoramic ocean views and access to nearby national parks, providing a perfect fusion of beach living and lush nature.


The Arenal region, with its iconic volcano, provides a relaxing and therapeutic atmosphere. Properties here offer spectacular views of the volcano and access to hot springs, creating an environment that invites relaxation and well-being.

Santa Teresa:

This coastal town on the Nicoya Peninsula has gained popularity for its relaxed atmosphere and international community. With world-class beaches and bohemian lifestyle options, Santa Teresa attracts those seeking a mix of local and global culture.

Central Valley

The Central Valley of Costa Rica, with its temperate climate, impressive mountain landscapes and access to urban services, is positioned as an outstanding option for those seeking a life balanced between modern comfort and cultural richness. The capital, San José, is located in the heart of the Central Valley and offers a vibrant mix of urban life and Costa Rican tradition. With its cultural offerings, theaters, museums and world-class restaurants, San José is a gateway to modern experiences while staying connected to Costa Rican authenticity.

Living in the Central Valley allows you to enjoy a pleasant climate year-round, a variety of high-quality educational options, and access to top-notch health services. Local communities foster a sense of place, and parks and green spaces provide opportunities for outdoor activities.


Access to Urban Services:

  • Hospitals: San José has renowned hospitals such as the CIMA Hospital and the San Juan de Dios Hospital, offering high-quality medical care.
  • Educational Centers: The University of Costa Rica and the National University are prestigious academic institutions in the capital.
  • Shopping Centers: Multiplaza Escazú and Avenida Escazú are high-end shopping centers with shops, restaurants and entertainment options.
  • National Theater: An architectural and cultural gem, the National Theater of Costa Rica presents plays, concerts and cultural events.
    Museums: The Museum of Costa Rican Art and the National Museum offer exhibitions that highlight the country’s rich history and culture.
  • Barrio Amón: A historic district with colonial architecture, cafes and art galleries. And Barrio Escalante: A trendy area with restaurants and bars that reflect the modernity of San José.
  • Central Market: A place where diverse culinary and cultural traditions converge.
  • Festivals: Events such as the Festival of Light and the International Arts Festival highlight cultural diversity.
  • CIMA Hospital: It offers advanced medical services and is located in an area with easy access.
  • Clínica Bíblica: A medical center recognized for its excellence in medical care.

Explore and live a unique experience, where modern comfort is intertwined with nature.

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