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Welcome to Atenas

Welcome to Atenas

Discover a renowned town Atenas, Atenas “The Best Climate in the World

Atenas is surrounded by beautiful mountains and exuberant views of the Central Valley.  The mountains, and in some parts you can see the Pacific Ocean. Stunning views amaze you when you visit Atenas and beautiful residences hidden among the forests and mountains.

Atenas is a small, close-knit community where many of the residents know each other and seem like a big family. You can notice it when you visit the Municipal Market of Atenas or in the coffee shops of the town, all the people are very friendly and greet you in the original Costa Rican “Pura Vida” style.

Atenas was founded in 1836 by the Spanish José María Águila. Atenas is in the central part of Costa Rica, in the department of Alajuela. It is located west of San José, just 25 minutes from the Juan Santamaría International Airport and 40 minutes from San José, the capital of Costa Rica. Its location is very convenient, it is close to the capital and only 1 hour from the port of Puntarenas and 1 hour approx. from Herradura beaches, and Jaco beach, among others.

The community of Atenas is mixed, Costa Ricans and ex-pats. Currently, Atenas stands out because it has many ex-patriots, more than three thousand foreigners from the United States, Canada, and Europe the vast majority, of who live permanently in the canton of Atenas. According to data from the Municipality of Atenas, the population of the canton is around 25,460 inhabitants, of which 8.2% were born abroad. If you are wondering why so many choose Atenas as their home, it is because Atenas was named one of the 5 best retirement destinations in the world and Costa Rica is the second best place in the world to retire, according to Annual Global Retirement 2022, prepared by International Living. Due to the mild temperatures, the climate is very pleasant to live in. National Geographic magazine titled the climate of Atenas as the “Best Climate in the World.” Atenas is the “Best Climate in the World”. According to studies by the World Health Organization, among other organizations, Atenas is considered the “Best Climate in the World” for its constant climate changes generated by constantly active microclimates, resulting in an air purity of 98%.


  • Beautiful views
  • Tight-knit community
  • Calm and serene environment.
  • Many outdoor recreational activities.
  • Location – accessibility to all services in a still traditional Costa Rican setting


Every turn in Atenas reveals a stunning location. Even close to the city, you can find the flora and fauna are diverse, which increases the attractiveness of the city. The mountains of Atenas have led those who visit us to fall in love with the view and start filming and taking souvenir photos with their families and friends. As well as attracting outdoor enthusiasts looking for great hiking and mountain biking. The landscape is not only aesthetically stunning but also spiritually uplifting.


Grab a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants along National Route 3. Relax in and forget about your worries while enjoying a “Gallo Pinto” in one of the “Sodas” or a nice gastronomic experience next to “Monte del Aguacate” in the restaurant “La Casita del Cafe”. During a quiet lunch on a workday, a weekend or a night you can savor their international food Firenze Ristorante, Pizzeria La Finca, La Fiesta de las Pupusas, Monsoon Asian Bistro & Neapolitan Indian-style Pizza or have a few beers and good music La Trilla de Vega. Enjoy a Chifrijo at restaurant Chicharronera Don Yayo in Atenas, where they serve one of the best chifrijos in the country with a cold beer. And for vegetarians the Almendra plant based cuisine restaurant is excellent.

If you’re looking for fresh, artisanal baked goods and good coffee, the full-service Crema y Nata has you covered. Excellent pastry and bakery.

There are many places to enjoy a delicious meal in Atenas. Come discover !!!


One of the main crops in Atenas is coffee. In Atenas,  the Toledo Coffee Tour is highly visited by both nationals and foreigners. The Coopeatenas coffee cooperative also offers a tour of its facilities with reservation – Coffee Tour Diamante. 85% of Coopeatenas coffee is exported with great success, achieving better differentials paid by the best clients worldwide, including Starbucks, Nespresso, and Italian Illy Café. In addition, the brand awarded Coopeatenas and its Ateneo brand, first place, among 14 countries, in the “New York Coffee Lover’s Choice” category, that is, “La elección de los amantes del café de Nueva York”.If you are a coffee lover, do not miss the opportunity to visit Atenas.

If you have 4×4 vehicle and you like impressive views. The viewpoint “La Zopilota”. It is famous among the locals for more than that on the mountain there is a large rock, as well as beautiful sunset and beautiful views that are perfect to fly your drone.

A visit to Atenas would be incomplete without visiting the “Las Minas del Aguacate” , although it is not specifically in Atenas on the way to San Mateo, it is a place you should visit in the summer. Beautiful crystal-clear waters are perfect for taking a dip and having a family picnic.


There are multiple options of public and private institutions of the national education system of Costa Rica.

Offered in Atenas – private :

Remember to evaluate your priorities and needs to choose the best option and, above all, ask yourself where you want to live in Costa Rica and what benefits and facilities the area offers to retire in Costa Rica. And if you want to know more about the areas in Costa Rica, about relocating and buying a property here in Costa Rica and the beautiful city of Atenas. Contact us for a free consultation.

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