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6 Reasons Why Costa Rica is Your Dream Home Abroad

You may not know this, but about 1 out of every 10 people in Costa Rica comes from another country. This includes foreigners, immigrants, and people who have moved from their home country. 

Costa Rica is known around the world as a top pick for a new home. It’s loved by families, retirees, and those seeking adventure. 

But why is this the case?

Let’s explore this question: why do people pick Costa Rica as their new home? Is it the cost of living? The friendly locals? The amazing weather? 

The answer is all of the above and so much more. It’s a personal choice, but let’s dive into why many people, including top scientists and potential future neighbors, think Costa Rica is the best place to live.

Jungle in Costa Rica

Costa Rica: The “Happiest” Country on Earth

What is happiness? It can mean different things to different people. But one way to measure it is by the Happy Planet Index (HPI). This index has put Costa Rica at the top spot for happiness four times in a row!

Being the “happiest country” doesn’t mean everyone is always joyful. But it says a lot. According to the HPI, happiness is about well-being that lasts. They say Costa Rica helps its people live long, happy, and sustainable lives.

But how does it do that? The answer is likely because of strong social networks, good healthcare and education, and a close connection to nature. These all help Costa Ricans lead more satisfying lives.

Costa Rica

Why Costa Rica Might be Your Dream Home: 6 Reasons

Choosing a new home is a big decision. If you’re considering Costa Rica, here are six reasons why it could be the best decision you’ll ever make.

1. Costa Ricans Live Longer:

In the northwest of Costa Rica, something amazing is happening. People are living longer than almost anywhere else in the world! This area is known as a “Blue Zone.”

In simple words, in Costa Rica, especially men who reach 60 years old, live longer than their peers elsewhere. There are many reasons for this. The locals have an active lifestyle, eat a plant-based diet, have a sense of belonging, prioritize their loved ones, and have a strong community.

2. Perfect Weather:

One big reason people move to Costa Rica is the weather. Imagine living where it’s warm and sunny every day of the year!

On the North Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, daytime temperatures range from the mid-80s to the mid-90s (29-35º C). At night, it cools down to the high-70s or low 80s (25-28º C). This province, Guanacaste, is also Costa Rica’s driest. This means less humidity and more sunshine.

For those with joint aches, this warm, dry weather can bring comfort. It also helps people with allergies, as the rainy season reduces airborne allergens.

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3. Friendly People:

The kindness of Costa Ricans is something you’ll notice as soon as you arrive. People go out of their way to help you.

Ask anyone who’s lived in Costa Rica. They’ll tell you stories of random acts of kindness that touched their hearts. This friendliness is a huge part of life in Costa Rica. It will truly enhance your experience of living here.

4. Excellent Healthcare:

One key factor to consider when moving is healthcare. Costa Rica offers both public and private healthcare. Both options are good and affordable.

The public system, called the Caja, is great for preventive and emergency care. This helps people live longer. The private system offers more flexibility and a personal touch. Many people use both systems for their healthcare needs.

5. Clear Path to Residency:

In some countries, becoming a legal resident can be tough. But not in Costa Rica. There are four common paths to residency here. These include being an investor, retiree, having fixed income, or being a spouse or parent of a Costa Rican.

Having residency makes life easier. You can get a driver’s license, open a bank account, access healthcare, and more. Plus, you get the option to work locally and enjoy many benefits.

6. Satisfaction is About More than Money:

In Costa Rica, people value experiences over wealth. Here, you can enjoy warmth and sunlight every day. You can surf, hike, or kayak whenever you want. The lifestyle in Costa Rica truly enhances your life.

Hike in Costa Rica

Are You Considering Costa Rica as Your New Home Abroad?

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Why do so many people choose to live in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica offers an exceptional quality of life characterized by beautiful landscapes, a warm climate, friendly people, and a low cost of living. Plus, its healthcare and legal systems are reliable and efficient.

Is Costa Rica’s healthcare system good?

Yes, Costa Rica’s healthcare system is highly rated, offering both public and private healthcare options. Many residents choose to use a combination of both.

How can I buy property in Costa Rica?

Houses at Costa Rica can help guide you through the process of finding and purchasing the perfect property that meets your specific needs and wants.

Is it easy to obtain legal residency in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica offers several clear paths to legal residency, including options for investors, retirees, and family members of Costa Rican citizens.


Costa Rica offers much more than just a lower cost of living or beautiful weather. It is a place that values happiness, health, and well-being above all. With its friendly locals, excellent healthcare, and straightforward residency process, it’s no wonder why so many people choose to call this tropical paradise their new home.

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